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your child's
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Music Benefits for Kids

  • Increased Focus and Concentration
  • Heightened Confidence
  • Superior Brain Development

Children's Music Academy is

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Creative
  • One-of-a-Kind

Students and Parents LOVE CMA

Music Benefits for Kids

  • Increased Focus and Concentration
  • Heightened Confidence
  • Superior Brain Development

Children's Music Academy is

  • Fun and Engaging
  • Creative
  • One-of-a-Kind

A great atmosphere for learning music!

I've been a professional musician for over 20 years & the staff is extremely knowledgeable. They do an outstanding job of keeping musical learning fun & engaging, while teaching proper piano technique, ear training & music theory.

Both of my kiddos are CMA students & if you are looking for a place to start your child's musical training & learn music the right way, this is where you want them to attend!

Roger Kirchner

I have 2 children that went through the 3 1/2 year program. We all loved the experience. It was something they always looked forward to, and it has been so beneficial to them musically. The ear training and the fun way of learning all of the notes were an added bonus over just regular beginning piano lessons. My daughter continues to take private lessons and is doing very well with sight reading music. My son still enjoys playing the piano some and the guitar (which is introduced in the class), but he is excelling in violin. I believe his firm foundation in ear training and music instruction at CMA played an important role in his success with violin. Mrs. Carlin is very enthusiastic, and the entire program is worth every dollar. The time you spend learning with your child is also invaluable.

Carol Box

I can not recommend Children's Music Academy highly enough!!

If you have a kid in between the ages of 3-7, you MUST do it! If you have a kid in between the age of 7-9, you should do it.

It is MIND blowing the musical, mental, life discipline, heart growth, and parent-kid bonding time rewards the classes bring.

My favorite part about it musically is CMA is in the middle of everywhere when it comes to teaching music.

Drums, vocal, wind instruments, guitar, and piano. Your child will have a taste of all instrument types and know which one they gravitate towards which is cool but the most powerful part of it is...

Music has two sides.
Classical- sheet music reading/theory stuff
Creative- ad lib, songwriting stuff

CMA is correctly in the middle of these two very different musical worlds.

Four of our Five kids are in and have gone through it, the last one will start in the fall.

Having these two musical paths introduced and taught over a 4 year period has made it very clear which musical direction, after CMA, each kid needs to pursue that is most natural for them as their own individual.

I sound like I'm selling you because I AM!! It is such a rewarding and incredibly foundational music program, I really do not think there could be a better one created.

You will not regret it!

Josh Lenz

This is a great music program allowing us to introduce music to our son. The teachers are wonderful and the classroom interaction with other students adds to the fun!

John Herbert

I have witnessed Children's Music Academy teachers carefully building children's music knowledge and skills. In the friendly and respectful atmosphere of the group classes children learn to play, sing, read, write and perform music. The concepts taught are college level. They have my admiration. I have recommended Children's Music Academy to others.

Sallie Bailey

In February we will graduate our fourth child from Children's Music Academy. It has been a priceless time for them to learn foundational music skills, including both reading music and playing by ear. It's hard to find a music program that will teach both skills! The class is active and fast paced, which is perfect for wiggly little ones. We have loved our experience with CMA!

Grady Goodwyn

My four year old daughter loves CMA! She counts down the days until music day each week. In three months she has learned so much. She is even playing short songs on the piano using both hands. Ms. Carlin keeps thing exciting and entertaining for the kids while they learn. Learning notes, pitch, rhythm, and introduction to instruments are just a few things going on in class. Parent involvement is a bonus as it is quality time with your child plus you learn too. Kids love this program!

Donna Zauss

CMA not only teaches a great musical foundation, but they make learning a fun experience for parent & child. My daughter started CMA at age 5 and went through the whole program, graduating. She is now 12 years old, and the teacher had such confidence in her musical ability, she was assigned the french horn. She continues to play piano and is even testing for the gifted program for music. All of this started with the strong foundation of music that she got at CMA. Thank you!

Amy Robert

Children's Music Academy provides young children with a rich and diverse music education. During the three year program children will receive a solid foundation in piano as well as exposure to guitar, recorder, and percussion instruments. Children also receive ear and voice training. This fantastic music overview allowed my boys to discover which instruments they were passionate about pursuing further and develop an appreciation for music in general. I also believe that the gentle and encouraging way the program guides children into performing has helped to build my kids' confidence and comfort speaking and performing in public.

Amy Mercer

My son started Children's Music Academy when he was 4 years old. He is 5 now and I am amazed by his musical abilities he has gained from CMA. He can recognize all notes on the piano keyboard and play melodies by ear. I would highly recommend CMA and Ms. Carlin is so patient and talented.

Holly Pepe

After just a few weeks, my three children are hooked on music class and can't wait for their days to come around each week! My eight year old twin boys wish that class was "14 hours long" so they could keep learning! It has been a wonderful experience for all of us to share together!!

Lindey King

My third child to attend Children's Music Academy had her Junior Program this evening. I am always so impressed with the teachers, children, and the learning that occurs. My oldest two graduated and also completed the Masters Class. What they learned is amazing. I will have two more children attend this program when they are old enough. I cannot recommend this enough.

Kristen Gammon

Our experience with Children's Music Academy was fantastic. We are proud to say we have 5 CMA graduates in the family, with our three youngest also completing the Master's program! I knew the moment I visited the first class that this was far beyond the typical piano lessons. The teachers very patiently lead the class through a series of fun musical activities, specifically designed for the developmental stages of their age group. We really appreciated the parental involvement and participation in each class as well. All 5 of our CMA graduates have continued their musical training, adding stringed instruments to their piano skills. We love Children's Music Academy and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Mary McMillen

We love CMA! More importantly, our children love CMA! It's such a fun environment for the children to learn in.

Gretchen Christian

We absolutely love Children's Music Academy. My son is in his third year and has learned so much about reading and writing music. I love that he has fun while learning and that I get to learn right along with him. It is a great atmosphere for learning and fun!

Jennifer Agnew

Children's Music Academy has been a huge blessing for my 5 year old son. He is extremely intelligent and CMA has continued to push him academically and foster independence. We will definitely be enrolling our other son when he is old enough.

Heather Zoromski

I highly recommend CMA to anyone seeking a well-rounded music education. Who knew that you could make music theory fun and entertaining? Both of our children completed the 3.5 year program and were more than prepared to begin band at SLS in the 3rd grade.

J&J Reed

Children's Music Academy is a fantastic program! Each one of my five children have been involved in it. I have three graduates and two still in the program. My oldest daughter now participates in state competitions having received top ratings! The foundation she received in Children's Music Academy has certainly prompted her to be at the successful level she's currently at!

Shelly Pichler

My kids and I love the program at CMA. It has layed a wonderful foundation for them to pursue any musicial instrument they may want to in the future. The group lessons make it a fun environment and the teachers are fabulous.

Courtney Winn

Our daughter has grown tremendously these past 3 years through CMA's incredible music program, and her incredible music teacher, Mrs. Goodwyn! This music program is truly phenomenal.

Melany Lane

I put both of my daughters in this wonderful program. They learned an amazing amount about music, but most importantly, they learned to love music. They advanced in piano and band and vocal music because of what CMA taught them. They learned to read music, hear pitch, match pitch, understand rhythm, and it gave them the confidence to create music. They have little fear of performance, even in solo situations. I even learned quite a bit as I sat through class with my children. It's all thanks to CMA! 

Ashlei Woelk

Children's Music Academy (CMA) has been the best music program that my family has ever participated in. My older children took violin, guitar, piano and voice lessons from multiple teachers over the years before we knew about CMA. I found CMA through word of mouth and I am so happy we did. It has taken my younger children from no knowledge in reading music and music theory to a vast amount of information and skill, in such a fun format. Children's Music Academy is the best way I've found to introduce my children to understanding and reading music and playing multiple instruments but primarily piano. It creates a foundation that I think will last a lifetime. It is such a fun and effective way to teach young children music and I learned a lot also. I only wish we had found it sooner so that our older children could have benefited from it. I highly recommend CMA for anyone who wants their children to learn how to read and play music and learn music theory in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Lori Reinhard

Children's Music Academy has been the best investment we've made for our daughter. She has enjoyed learning everything from treble and bass clef notes to intervals, and all in a fun and nurturing environment. Performing in front of people is old-hat now because the class does it so much. And being a shy person, the confidence she has gained is huge. She will graduate from the Master's program next year, and we wish there were more levels! The quality of teaching, in addition to the method taught, has been invaluable for my daughter - - and I learned as well!

Debbie Johnson

Start Here Go Anywhere

“Simple and fun musical activities have enormous power in developing numeracy and literacy in children.”

A study by the University of Queensland

Start Here Go Anywhere

“Simple and fun musical activities can have enormous power in developing numeracy and literacy: try improvising a counting song, or making up new rhymes to familiar tunes.”

A study by the University of Queensland